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All reservations are taken over the telephone. No reservation is guaranteed until a deposit has been made to confirm your equipment and your event date and time.

To guarantee your reservation, we do recommend that you reserve your inflatable early – especially if you have a themed rental.  All equipment is rented for the duration of your event, (first come, first serve basis). Your balance is due the day of your event and always upon delivery. Unless arranged ahead, no payments can be made after the event. Your zip code area could be subject to a delivery fee.

Multiple units being set-up at ONE location will be charged a set-up/take down fee because more labor is needed to achieve quality on time service.

Cancellation Policy:

We cannot afford to hold any equipment that has not been confirmed with a deposit as several customers are turned away daily due to units being reserved for particular dates and times. If you have to cancel for any reason please be advised you will be charged a cancellation fee. If an Inflatable Jump Rentals representative cancels your event due to rain or high winds then you will NOT be charged. In all fairness to ALL customers, if you need to change your date we can accommodate you, however the item(s) rented must be the same value or greater and rescheduled within the same year to avoid a cancellation fee.

Preparation Prior to Our Arrival:

The area of set-up must be cleared of all debris such as excess grass, excess leaves, stones of any kind, sticks, sand, and dog feces.  WE DO NOT SET UP OUR EQUIPMENT ON DIRT OR GRAVEL.  Inflatables are electrostatic thus dirt sticks to it and requires special cleaning. Gravel and rocks damage the bottoms of our equipment.  We do rent dependable generators for your convenience if needed if electricity is not available.

Payment Upon Delivery:

Once the set-up is complete, the driver will give you a  rental waiver to sign.  There is an additional renters insurance available for $10 per inflatable that covers accidental damage to the rented  equipment. ( Note: This does not cover non- accidental damage or items returned dirty) Payments in the form of cash or credit card is preferred; Checks are ONLY for businesses and churches when we authorize it. Your zip code could be subject to a delivery fee.  There is a $50.00 fee for all returned checks.


Our drivers are dedicated to ensure your equipment is delivered on time, clean and safe. If you are happy with his services, gratuities are welcomed and appreciated.


It is highly recommended for large events to hire one or more of our staff members to monitor your inflatable equipment(s). We call them “On Site Coordinators”. Our coordinators check to make sure kids are bouncing with their age group, they check for the safe use of the equipment. They help prevent injuries/damage to equipment by making sure the right amount of kids are in/on the inflatable(s) and assisting that your staff understand the safe operation of the inflatables. They also know what to do in case of loss of power. Even though inflatables are a lot of fun and they supply the kids with hours of enjoyment, if not properly monitored they could be subject to injury. If you decide to designate your own volunteers, please note, we do NOT allow kids to monitor kids. They must be 18 years of age or older.

Inclement Weather:

More than likely if weather is unfavorable, Jumping Things will cancel your rental and you will be refunded your deposit. In the event that the weather is in question, we will ask the customer what they would like to do (case by case basis). Please understand that our weather stations in our area many times predict inaccurate weather forecasts because they are many miles north of our area. If you want to consult about the weather contact our office. Please note, If we do deliver/set-up and rain or high winds reduces or prevents the use of equipment, there will be NO refunds/credits.

Thank You,  Jumping Things Staff

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